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So I feel the need to make a gifset and share why this little moment is one of my absolute favorites. I just really love it because Emma asked Hook if he thought she could save Henry. We know Emma isn’t the type of person who asks support from people. All her life she learned only to rely on herself, never needing anyone or anyone’s encouragement, because no one was there to give it anyway.

I believe though that when it comes to the things that are most important in your life, (and for her here it’s saving her son) your greatest fears and insecurities will come out and you will reach a point when you will start to doubt yourself. It’s normal, it happens, it’s what makes us human. And there is nothing wrong with needing someone to reassure you that you can do it. I love her relationship with Hook because she can share her deepest fears and insecurities with him.

She relies on him and here’s the thing, I hate it when some people say that Emma has become less of a badass and strong woman because of her moments of vulnerability with Hook. She is still the badass Emma that we know. This does not make her weak, it makes her REAL. And when I say real, I mean I hate the kind of mentality that you’re either one or the other, and strength and vulnerability cannot both exist in one person, because it can and it does in Emma Swan. And we see it especially when she is around Hook, It’s only when she’s with him that we see the whole Emma.

I also believe that it takes a quiet sort of bravery to open yourself up to a person, because you’re giving the person power to affect your life in a way that is significant to you. And I like to think that the courage to ask him, was borne out of the feeling deep inside her that she is safe with him, that he will give her the words that she needs to hear. Because that is who he is in her life - the person who lifts her up, makes her feel good, and carries her burdens with her, just by being there, just by being himself.

I cry that finally Emma has that person in her life. And I’m so happy that that person is someone who sees in Emma all the beauty, all the strength, and all the magic in the world. And he just wants to let Emma see herself the way he sees her.

UGGHH these two. Do you see why this relationship is SOOO IMPORTANT TO ME

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Lana and Jen on set! Please don’t repost or use without credit!

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ShowbizJunkies - Comic Con 2014 Lana Parrilla Interview

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I did not gif him drinking coffee

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Sebastian Stan photographed by Carter Smith for GQ 

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Snow & Charming in 1x03 and 3x21

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I want to stop  r u n n i n g

                     S t o r y b r o o k e  is my home

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Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Gold

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